The richest state of the Caucasus, its capital awash in oil wealth and international business, historical palaces of the Shirvan Shahs in Baku and Sheki, Zoroastrian fire temples, barren landscapes—oil and salt spreading across the surface, and world-class hikes in the lush heavily forested, mountainous north and south.

Also known as “The Land of Fire”, Azerbaijan is an intricate tangle of contrasts and contradictions. Nestled firmly between Europe and Asia, Azerbaijan is ties together historical empires with the rapidly modernizing landscape of the nation.

The Easternmost nation of the Caucasus, Azerbaijan neighbors Georgia and Armenia and plays a crucial role in the transportation of goods between China and Europe, which is what creates the intricate blending of East meets West present here.


Although most of the population of Azerbaijan identify as Muslims, most Azerbaijanis do not practice religion. Due to its location, Azerbaijan is a unique nation with a cultural heritage from a multitude of empires and nations throughout history, most notably the Macedonian and Persian empires, as well as Russia.