A mix between an ancient, millennia-old civilization with stark mountain landscapes and remote canyons and the modern bustling cultural hub of Yerevan. Home to amazing world heritage sites, hidden monasteries and boasting a wonderfully laid back and friendly culture and cuisine.

Armenia is the smallest of the three nations of the Caucasus however, much like its neighbors, it is a country with a rich and resilient culture and history. A challenging place to explore, Armenia’s roads are rough and transport can be more difficult to navigate for those that do not speak Armenia or Russian, should you choose to travel to Armenia without a guide. However, traveling here is as rewarding as it is revelatory, with a very dense history still overwhelmingly present in the culture you see today. All of our guides are fully knowledgeable in the area, the culture, and the language, allowing you to sit back and enjoy your holiday in Armenia stress free.


Armenia has a powerful religious culture with a highly Christian population, despite sharing its borders with many Muslim countries. The Armenian Kingdom was the first state in history to adopt Christianity as its religion, meaning that the Armenian Apostolic Church is the oldest national church in the world, and still today remains the heart of Armenia’s religious culture.

Armenia has been the target of constant conflict throughout history, being ruled by Persian, Byzantine and Mongol empires as well as the Soviet Union. The cultural influence this had on Armenia results in a nation with a very diverse identity and a country unlike anywhere in the world, making it an unmissable stop when traveling to the Caucasus.